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Ashley Elsten, Special Education Teacher at Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"Mrs. Elsten has accepted the challenge of being a pioneer this school year. She is teaching in a class that is being offered at only three other elementary schools. She works diligently with the team members in the classroom to offer our students a great environment where they can learn and be happy. Congratulations, Mrs. Elsten!"

Ricky Azpeitia, Attendance Specialist at Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"Mr. Azpeitia is an exceptional human being. He is always there to support staff, students, and parents. Everyone who works with Ricky knows that he is a genuine and caring person. Irving Dual Language Elementary School is very fortunate to have him on our team!"

Travis Schemmel, SPED Teacher at North Middle School

"Travis has done an exceptional job in his role as a Team Leader in our school. He supports each member of his team and encourages his team to take the lead in supporting our building. His leadership promotes positive collegiate collaboration and is always focused on what is best for students!"

Kyndra Callendar, ELL Teacher at Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

"Every day, Kyndra greets everyone with a smile and continues to keep a smile throughout the day. She personalizes her teaching and keeps her lessons efficient. She makes an effort to get to know each student’s family and background, and by doing so, she creates positive relationships with her students and families. Kyndra also goes above and beyond in being the Reading Corps internal coach at our school. She ensures the work gets done while providing feedback and advice on how to better educate our students. In her coaching role, she also provides incentives to keep students motivated. We are all thankful she is a part of our team! Thank you, Kyndra, for all you do for the students, families, and staff at Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School!"

Desiree Shultz, Teacher at East High School

"Desiree puts her heart into East High School by supporting her students each day, supporting additional work and programs throughout the building, and her overall dedication to success. In addition to her daily workload, she has taken over Sophomore House and is willing to go the extra mile for those meetings. Congratulations, Desiree!"

Olivia Ratley, Special Education Teacher at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Olivia has gone above and beyond for her students this school year. She has made connections and built relationships that foster positivity and student engagement. She is dedicated to the learning of her students and is always willing to go the extra mile! Congratulations, Olivia!"

Paulina Chaclan, ELL Tutor at Leeds Elementary School

"Ms. Chaclan consistently goes above and beyond to support the students at Leeds Elementary. Ms. Chaclan is always willing to help in any way possible and has quickly become someone our students, staff, and parents rely on. Ms. Chaclan shows her dedication to Leeds daily through her strong work ethic, positive attitude, and interactions with our students, staff, and families. Ms. Chaclan helps make Leeds Elementary a great place to be!"

Scott Mason, Third Grade Teacher at Morningside STEM Elementary School

A parent at Morningside STEM Elementary School said the following about Scott Mason, "I believe Mr. Mason should get this award because, for the last two years, my son has wanted to go to school because of him. He takes his job to a whole new level. He helped my son and my family by giving my son diapers to bring home to his sister and staying with my son to help him with academic and personal challenges. He is an amazing teacher and person! He took the time to understand my child and what helps him learn academic lessons and personal lessons. Thank you, Mr. Mason!"

Damon Mothershead, Alternative Center Teacher at the Sioux City Career Academy

"Mr. Mothershead serves the entire district by working with every administrator and many teachers who serve at-risk youth. He is gifted in working with challenging behaviors. He is very good at tracking student data and communicates extremely well with stakeholders. Mr. Mothershead also helps out wherever he can with Career Academy students, whether it's covering classes, serving during lunch, or a variety of other activities. We are very lucky to have Mr. Mothershead working at the Sioux City Career Academy!"

Candy Hill, Melissa Marx, Sarah Fairbanks, Foundations Teachers at Riverside Elementary School

"These three work as a team with their instructional assistants to provide our students with the best education possible. Their students have grown leaps and bounds already this school year. They work on communication skills, reading skills, math skills, and writing skills with them. Each day has new challenges that they face with grace and dignity. These ladies will try new things, do fun crafts, and run and play with their students. They work hard to build quality relationships with their students and families. Riverside Elementary is so grateful for what these three educators do every day. Way to go, team!"

Maria Francisco, Academic Specialist at West High School

"Ms. Francisco helps all of us at West High. She covers classrooms, reads quizzes and assessments, helps students understand the work they are missing, and helps them complete the work. She is an amazing asset to West High. Congratulations Maria!"

Molly Murman, Third Grade Teacher at Unity Elementary School

"Molly is a great team player. She brings fun ideas to the classroom that support learning. Molly brings energy to her classroom and in turn has amazing student engagement. Her students use the following words to describe her: fun, happy, caring, understanding, and intelligent. Molly's peers describe her as having a positive influence that can be felt throughout the building. Molly has created a classroom where the atmosphere is warm and inviting, a place where everyone who enters is greeted with a smile. Congratulations, Molly!"

Shantel Mozer, First Grade Teacher at Bryant Elementary School

"Mrs. Mozer models our Guidelines for Success at Bryant by showing respect, responsibility, and accountability in her work. She works hard to differentiate learning for her students to support them academically, socially, and emotionally. You will often find Mrs. Mozer down on the floor with or near her students as she is providing instruction. She works collaboratively with our teachers, is an advocate for all students, and is positive, and hard-working. We are proud to have her on our Bear team!"

Kristin Helseth, Brianna Maitlen, & Alison Benson, Counselors at West Middle School

"Our entire school is better because of our counseling team's work and dedication. They consistently support students, contribute to a positive culture, and help ensure West Middle School stays W.E.S.T. (Welcoming, Engaged, Safe, and trustworthy). We are lucky to share the work with these incredible women!"

Kim McNear, Central Kitchen Cook at Harry Hopkins (Food Service)

"Kim is always very pleasant and has a smile on her face at all times. Kim is always willing to help anyone. She not only cooks for the students, but she also serves them lunch daily at Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School. Congratulations, Kim. Keep up the good work!"

Sue Seggerman, SPED Instructional Assistant at Nodland Elementary

"Miss Sue is an invaluable asset to our building. When watching Miss Sue work with children, one word comes to mind-inclusion. Miss Sue pays attention to her students’ needs, ensuring they have the same opportunities as all other students. Miss Sue not only supports her students but lends an incredible helping hand to our teachers as well. It's clear she loves her students just as much as they love her. Nodland is so thankful to have Miss Sue!

Roger Hames, Teacher at East Middle School

A staff member said the following about Mr. Hames, "Mr. Hames is an amazing addition to East Middle School. He is a great teacher for me to look up to and a great mentor. I could not ask for a better person to have my classroom right next door. Mr. Hames is always prepared and ready for kids to enter his room."

Amber Ankrum, Teacher at Clark Early Childhood Center (Preschool Initiative Program)

" Amber is a hard worker and her positivity is contagious. Amber has a gift of being calm and composed throughout the school day. Whenever Amber is with students, you can tell by the look on her face and the look on the faces of the students that the interaction is positive and enjoyable. Congratulations, Amber!" 

Colin Brandt, Paraprofessional at Liberty Elementary School

"Colin joined our team this fall to provide support for one of our students. He jumped right in and has done an excellent job creating relationships with several students. He takes initiative and shows up each day with a positive attitude. He is making a difference! Thank you for making it happen at Liberty, Mr. Brandt!" 

Teri Winkle, Food Service Manager at Perry Creek Elementary.

"Teri is such a joy to work with every day at Perry Creek! She goes out of her way to make sure every student has what they need to keep their tummies full throughout the day. There have been so many times when a student has arrived late without breakfast that she has gone out of her way to make sure they get food after the kitchen has closed for the morning. She also makes a point to build relationships with each one of our students during their lunch periods. You can often see her coming out of the kitchen after all the students are served to connect with students and build relationships with them. She is a joy to work with and you can tell how much she cares about every one of the students and staff here! Thank you for being you, Teri!"

Kelsey Miller, FACS Teacher at North High School

"Kelsey teaches in our FACS department and teaches our Prostart classes. Her students have prepared meals for many district events, most recently the opening of the new building at Harry Hopkins. Over fifty of her students recently earned their ServSafe Food Handlers Certification. Her students continue to excel in and out of the building! We are very proud of Kelsey and her students!"