February 1, 2020 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD January Staff Members of the Month

January Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Marjorie Wylie, Teacher @ Nodland Elementary School 

“Mrs. Wylie has been a wonderful addition to our Nodland team. She deeply cares and supports not only the students she directly serves, but all of our Future Raiders. She has done an excellent job creating visual schedules, work systems, and introducing the “Zones of Regulation” to teachers. She teaches our students how to be more aware of and regulate their social and emotional learning. We are extremely grateful for her dedication to our students.”

Elise Burrows, ESL Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary

“Elise has a relentless passion and love for teaching. Her desire to help students at Hunt soar is evident in everything she does. Elise consistently seeks additional resources and approaches to help her students. She truly believes all students can learn and works tirelessly to ensure student success. Elise is always willing to help wherever she can and is a true asset to the Hunt A+ Arts team.”

Amy Swenson, Kindergarten Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Amy is always willing to volunteer for grade level projects and other building tasks. She is accountable when completing classroom duties. Amy is also always willing to help a colleague. Thank you, Amy, for all your hard work!”

Lonnie Hill, Title Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

“Mrs. Hill has such a positive presence at Morningside STEM Elementary. Lonnie builds positive relationships with students and truly cares about their academic and social success. Lonnie also serves on the PBIS team and mentors new teachers in the District. Lonnie is very deserving of recognition for her passion for teaching and student success!”

Robyn Rich, Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

Robyn creates a classroom that is welcoming and inviting and her students know that they are loved and accepted no matter what. One of her peers said, “Robyn puts her heart of gold into her teaching. It shows through her past students.” Students who have had Robyn as their classroom teacher in the past, often come by to visit her and thank her for being their teacher. She continues to make a significant and positive difference in the many lives she touches each day and is a true blessing to our school, district, and community.” Congratulations, Robyn!

Jennifer Swanson, Teacher @ East High School

“Jennifer is always willing to lend a supportive ear, or assist in any way possible. She is selfless and will drop everything to help anyone. Jennifer is committed and devoted to her students. Her students trust and respect her because of this. She makes her class interesting and relevant by using creative ideas. Jennifer wears many hats and is involved in many different activities here at East High School. Congratulations, Jennifer!”

Ines Cervantes Black, ESL Tutor @ Irving Dual Language Elementary 

“Ines is always willing to help any teacher or student who needs help. She does this with a smile on her face. Ines is kind to everyone and takes pride in her work. Thank you, Ines, for your dedication to our staff and students.”

Miranda Marks, Kindergarten Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary 

“Miranda is a wonderful teacher. She goes above and beyond to give her students what they need for success. She has also shown great leadership at Irving. In December, she entered our school in the Festival of Trees and Irving was recognized for the best school entry! Congratulations, Miranda!”

Leanne Bata, Reading/Math Interventionist @ Irving Dual Language Elementary 

“Leanne has a positive attitude and contagious positivity. She always looks for ways to support everyone who may need her around the building. We’re proud to have Leanne at Irving. is one of a kind!”

Robyn Barricks, Building Technician @ Irving Dual Language Elementary 

“Robyn is great at keeping our classrooms clean. She is always looking for new and improved ways to keep our school looking beautiful. Thank you, Robyn, for all of your hard work. It does not go unnoticed!”

Deb Roe, ELA Teacher @ North Middle School 

“Deb goes above and beyond to support colleagues and provide meaningful learning opportunities for her students. Deb also works closely with her colleagues to implement components of small group, skills-based instruction and has also served as a leader for the development of International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. She is committed to the success of students at North Middle and their overall well-being. Deb’s ability to build positive relationships with both students and staff is invaluable to North Middle’s climate and culture.”